i'd marry you, harry

Jordyn. 20. USA.

Harry is Louis' baby, simple as that.

It just kinda happened when they were 16 and 18.



If you’re going to the show tomorrow, let me know!!!

"Just read your comment on that Liam DM post and holy shit, legendary! I am so glad you were able to put exactly what I have been thinking into words, and boy did you word it well! Honestly, there are so many people who express harsh things about celebrities purely because they are in the public eye and it's so not just, and I'm so glad that you have said your piece and considered the facts and both sides. Seriously, thank you!"

You’re welcome! I’m glad I was able to say what so many of us have been thinking.

Anonymous asked:
"Mad respect mate, that comment on the post was very we'll handled. Thank you not only for Liam but for being a human being in seeing everybody makes mistakes, thanks again."

No problem!

Anonymous asked:
"I really appreciate your comment on that post. It was very well written and articulated your point of view in a mature manner and I completely agree with you."

Thank you :) 

zaaynbro asked:
"your comment on that whole DM to liam thing astounded me. You has the same thoughts ive had for a while but you put them into words. Thank you n"

You’re very welcome!! It was my pleasure.

Anonymous asked:
"Just wanted to say I loved your response to the liam Twitter DM. You shut her right up! Also it was 100% true :) have a good day babe"

Thank you, babe! You too :)

Anonymous asked:
"I don't even ship Larry but I'm willing to have your posts about them on my dash because I liked what you said so much I had to follow you! I love when people who know what they are talking about stick up for Liam. Thank you!"

I’m honored! And don’t worry, I don’t only post Larry :)

Anonymous asked:
"I'm wondering Harry never gets (negative) backlash for wearing a cross necklace more than open. I would bet Liam wearing the same necklace, in the same way would bring him very negative backlash, like kind of all christian values at once. Think some people are just hypocrites :D"

People are most definitely hypocrites! And I definitely think attention-seeking plays a big role in it!

Anonymous asked:
"What I hate is that people are saying the boys should be role models but the thing is that they don't need to be role models their job is to perform for us not to be role models and I love you so much more that I realize that you're a Larry blog and you're defending Liam I barely see that now ! Love you"

Yes!! People choose to look up to them, but their job title is not role model. They act far better than every other person their age that I go to college with. And they have repeatedly showed us that their targeted audience is different than hjpr and modest’s targeted audience. No matter what they do, it’s seen as wrong. People say the boys should be role models and watch what they do. Yet when Harry (for example) shows support for the HeforShe, then he isn’t doing enough for the cause. It’s just ridicuclous that no matter what they do, they can’t win.

Love you too!