i'd marry you, harry

Jordyn. 20. USA.

It just kinda happened when they were 16 and 18.




"buy steal my girl"  

this is mikaela right now. haveyouboughtstealmygirl


[taylor] remember when you hit the brakes too soon



Zayn for ‘Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography’

Zayn for ‘Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography’

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Oh my gosh a Taylor Swift fan is sending me hate! Should I just like shake it off? 

Anonymous asked:
"hahahaaaaaaaaaa! Idiot larry stans acting like they know more than the women who get to fuck Harry and Louis. Go hug your picture of Harry glancing in Louis' direction. You are 20. How pathetic."

1) I’m so glad you can read. I was unaware of my age so thank you for informing me. I don’t know what I would have done if you wouldn’t have come along and told me how old I was.

2) You look super cool wearing those glasses. Oh wait, that’s not you. You’re hiding behind anon. Remind me whose pathetic? 

3) If you’re going to call someone an idiot, make sure you don’t have any typos and end up making yourself look like a complete and utter idiotic asshole :) 

4) Have a great day and thank you for the laugh. 

"It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas PR season”

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Harry in Where We Are (x)

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Taylor Swift.